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Jane Oliver

Top reviews from the United State and United Kingdom of differenced Products


I really like the colors and size, which is perfect for travel. The only issue is the smell ( not good). It smells kinda weird, I don’t notice it after applying and during the day. It stays on great and is not too dry. I also had an issue with the delivery in the mailbox where the lip color got overheated.

Erika Barnathan

I do like this. It holds a lot of water so I get a better cleaning than my other one, but it’s hard to manage the buttons with arthritic hands. It’s very large and round and hard to get my hand on the button, but overall I like it and I do recommend it.

Sarah Albrecht

This product works so well! I use it after every time I eat and it gets all of the food out of my teeth. I absolutely love the tongue scraper. It gets all the yucky stuff off of my tongue. My dentist told me to definitely keep using it. Price was perfect as well.

Joycelyn Sweeney

These are so easy to spread on thelips but they are very greasy and if it touches the tongue by mistake you can even bear it. Very bittery and bad smell. Made lips look glossy. Stays on for less than 2hrs which i didnt like much. Somewhat difficult to remove but can be removed with makeup remover pads with some effort.

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